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This is a fragment from the Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This is the "original" Mausoleum, built for King Mausollos of Caria, from which we get the word that has come to be used for any large tomb.

Again, this is not a "Greek" structure, precisely.  It was located in the
western part of Asia Minor (modern day Turkey).  However, Greek sculptors were
employed to create the sculptures.
You can read more about the
Mausoleum here.

Hopefully this picture allows you to determine the scale of this piece.  That's
a staircase behind it.

These sculptures have long been identified as King Mausollos himself (right) and his wife Artemisia (left). Also from the Mausoleum.
This is a slab of frieze from the Mausoleum. It depicts a favorite theme in Greek sculpture: battle between Greeks and Amazons. This theme is also seen in the Bassae frieze (which I don't believe I have pictures of) and in some of the metopes of the Parthenon.

More Greeks fighting Amazons from the Mausoleum.
And another slab or two of the same.

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