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This is an entire column from the Erechtheum, brought to London by Lord Elgin. It's in the same room as the Caryatid seen earlier.
These three figures are part of the Nereid Monument, found in Xanthos. The Nereids were Poseidon's daughters. While the people of Xanthos were not "Greeks," they did admire and imitate Greek art, and this monument is certainly evidence of that. Greek artists were probably hired to create the sculptures of this monument.
A reconstruction of a large part of the Nereid Monument. While this is a "best-guess" reconstruction, it's still just conjecture: the ruins were in such a state as to make it impossible to determine exactly how the various parts related to one another.
Speaking of reconstructions, here's a reconstruction of one upper corner of the Parthenon. It's not quite accurate: the original would have been painted brightly, rather than the icy whiteness you see here. Even now, people still cling to the myth of the "whiteness" of classical sculpture.

The capital
and portion of the column shaft are genuine (though from different pillars),
while the rest is reconstruction.

This is a marble shield depicting the destruction of the family of Niobe, queen of Thebes, by Apollo and Artemis. You can read more about this myth here.

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