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A view from my hotel room at night. Still trying to get the hang of this new camera. It's automatic enough to give good snapshots in "normal" light conditions, but frustratingly automated enough so to prevent really good quality night photos.
The last of the hotel-room-street-photos for a while, I promise. This one I took because my dad asked me to take pictures of any old Volkswagens I saw (y'know, old Beetles or Karmann Ghias and the like). There is, believe it or not, a Beetle somewhere in this photo.
This one, perhaps, requires more explanation than the others. This is a closeup of a placard in a room containing the Caryatid and a column from the Erechtheum. Unlike the main Parthenon gallery, this one is lightly watched, and there's ample opportunity for a person, if he or she so wishes, to deface something. Here, we see the word "removed" crossed out, and replaced with the word "stolen." Less than grammatical, perhaps, but we see how passionate people are about this issue of the marbles' removal.
This is a photo of the British Museum's cafeteria. It's primarily interesting to us due to the presence of the casts of the Parthenon's west frieze hanging on the walls. The west frieze is represented in the Museum's collection by only a few actual slabs; this reproduction is the only way to see the entire west frieze in the Museum. It's an interesting juxtaposition, of high classical art and coronation chicken sandwiches, especially in light of the recent controversy regarding well-heeled donors to the Museum being allowed to hold swanky soirees in the gallery housing the actual Parthenon sculptures -- "as above, so below" I suppose.

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