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This is the first of the Elgin Marbles I saw "in the flesh." As I walked through the British Museum, I saw the Duveen Gallery (where the Parthenon sculptures are exhibited) but chose not to go in (saving it for later, I suppose was my reason). Thinking I'd "escaped" viewing the Elgin Marbles, I walked around the corner and smack-dab into this lonely piece.

It's a caryatid,
which is a structural column sculpted in the form of a person (usually a
woman).  This particular one was taken from the Erechtheum, located on
Athens' Acropolis, by Lord Elgin's agents.

I say lonely because, though it's as lovely as anything from the Parthenon,
it's stuck in a little room behind the Nereid Monument.  In contrast, the
rest of the "Elgin Marbles" are on prominent display.
A close-up of the Caryatid.
A view from my hotel window. We stayed at the Thanet Hotel. Expensive, but nice enough. Each room has a private bath, which is relatively rare with hotels like this in London.
Another view from my hotel window.

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