photos from my trip to london
  This is a collection of photos from my trip to London. I went for a variety of reasons, but the predominant reason was to do research on the Parthenon sculptures, a.k.a. the Elgin Marbles. This is part of an independent study project to be completed during spring term 2000.

If you're interested in the project's goals and motivations, I suggest you
read my proposal.  This is the proposal I submitted
to the Richter Grant committee to apply for funding for my trip (funding which
I am pleased and grateful to be able to say was approved).

In any case, most of this pictures were taken with the hope of being able to
use them as part of the products of this independent study.  So, if you're
looking for candid shots of myself in London, you will (for the most part)
be disappointed.  And if you're not terribly interested in classical antiquity,
there will probably not be much to interest you here.

However, if after this caveat, you're still keen to continue on, rest assured
I'll try to make it interesting for you by giving the photos a bit of background
as we go along.  As you go along, you can view a larger version of each picture
(should it interest you) simply by clicking on it.  So?  Ready?

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